i read a thread the other night about how ppl dont understand bodybuilders or anyone in the fitness life, and what they always say, so i thought id translate this for my fine ar brothas.....

when they say:

your gettin to big, it means i wish i wasnt such a little pussy

taking all those supps are unhealthy, it means i really dont know **** about nutrition and im showin it with these statements

dont you feel funny when ppl stare at you bc your so big, it means i wish someone would stare at me other than my crooked teeth or lazy eye
lifting all that weight isnt good for your body, it means i can only bench 65lbs and one of your big friends at the gym laughed at me

steroids cause your dick to shrink, this really proves i only follow what the masses think and i truly have no personality

bodybuilding is for shallow narsacistic morons who are dumb, this means im insecure in my body and mental status and your intimidating me to the point of crying and going home.

these are just my input i got after i had a roidrage outbreak, kidnapped a scrony guy at the gym and tortured him for this information....lol plz add any i didnt get bc my mind was gone from all the super dangerous toxins deca sust and eq covert to....