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    POP-UP's will NOT go Away!!!! HELP!!!

    okay, i think i have some spyware or something like that...everytime i go to a website, any website, i get 3-4 annoying @ss pop-ups...i tried a pop-up blocker program, but it would close out my browser from time to time so i deleted it...i also ran "ad-aware" and deleted all spyware files it found...i also deleted my cookies and history...they will not go away...what can i do???? is there a program that is reliable and will stop this????

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    CutieFace Guest
    spyware nuker

    **** worth every more pop ups...and I get rid of all the spyware, adware bs on my computer


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    get a program called hijack this which will scan your registry and harddrive(you can get it from cnet).I wouldnt recommended fixing anything until you ok it with experts you can post the results on this site and they will be able to sort out most probs.

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    the best out there by far is norton professional 2004! It has everything, stops popups, hides address, etc. I also run a spybot, and spyhunter everynow and then too. These get rid of the last few remaining ads that the norton didnt catch. has spybot(free)! Good Luck..

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    Try using a program OTHER than Internet Explorer. will give you a free internet browser that works great. I've never had one pop-up while running it. It's faster than IE as well. REDROCK

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