I once extracted Ando from its binder buy the use of alcohol. By using a syringe I drew the alcohol away from the binder and placed the solvent and the absorbed Andro in a flat plate and let the alcohol evaporate over the next two days. This left 100% pure Andro crystals behind. The extraction of Andro was useless however the extraction of dried crystallized trenbolone acetate would have definitive value. The alcohol would have a sterilizing effect and the crystals would then simply be added to purified vegetal oil. This method is less involved if not as simple as the kits on the market and would have the added benefit of being highly cost effective. I am interested to hear what others thinks of this idea.

Also does anyone know what the kits on the market use as the initial solvent solution for the separation of the Finaplex from the binder.

Thank you

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