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    sayings to get pumped

    hey guys, lets here some sayings that you guys tell yourself to get motivated.

    heres some of mine :

    with all that weight on the bar, whats another 10 pounds

    If you are dedicated then you shouldnt have to show anyone but yourself.

    ask yourself why do you lift? for someone else or for yourself

    pain is just a for letter word, so what is fear.

    im not at where i want to be right now, but every time i walk into that gym i get a step closer.

    and ofcourse i need about 5 minutes to get my self pumped before i actually go to the gym.

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    i say:

    "do this and grunt real loud so that the 15 year old on the hip abudction machine looks at me and tells her friend she thinks i'm hot"

    no, seriously though, when my body says no more, my mind says "******* (that's a name i can't say) isn't doing this right now. fuck him. i'm takin his job soon. i'll show him"

    or i tell myself "you fuckin pussy, that's right, give up now"

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    I remind myself to do 2 more reps when I can barely hold the weight anymore.

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    Outside your bedroom wind

    Just remember as you read this, the gym was PACKED!

    I was bumpin to Busta Rhymez "Break Yo Neck".(all my people on the skreets just nod yo head and keep on bouncin) . .hoisting some D-Bells on the decline, i got to 4. . .and i said "Don't be a pussy bitch, get this shit up". Always works, you gotta just get really f*ckin pissed off at yourself, and holla , you're gold.

    I am going to try Key's hip adduction, or was it abduction. . .damn it, if i screw this up. . .

    Anyway, im goin after the 30 year old MILF'S.

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    I get to the stage where I can,t lift the bar anymore and this little voice echos in my head saying "Ha Ha is that all you can manage"? I then reply to it (Not aloud!!) Is this want you want and I strain my ass off to push a few more reps.

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