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    More search & seizure issues . . .

    I read in yesterday's Dallas paper, that the Federal Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that police can do a cursory search of your home/apt to look for safety problems without a search warrant, and if they see something you shouldn't have, they can take it as evidence and use it against you in court.

    So, if the neighbor's house has a gas leak, or had a roof fire, they can walk through your place to make sure you don't have any safety problems. Should they notice a vial or whatever, or catch you while cooking up a fresh batch of magic, it's tough toenails for you.

    I suppose I should point out that this is a conservative court, so y'all who bad mouth liberal judges know which side to thank for the further erosion of your right to privacy.


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    Dang, that's scary stuff... little by little our rights keep getting taken away.

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    i beginning to enjoy counting how many times the constitution has been walked on in the last couple of years. whats worse is that i keep hearing things like "they wont abuse their power" and the like. to me the point is that the constitution has served this country well for a couple hundred years now, but in our panic and fear from the last couple of years we have, as a society, been perfectly willing to walk away from our fundamental freedoms to increase our illusion of safety. this is just another example of a flagrent foul by the powers that be.
    sometimes you hope the sheep will wake up and realize they are being led in the wrong direction.

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    i can't believe that....there are so many things that need more attention

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    thats what we get for not standin up for our your congressman before it reaches you......

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    A good lawyer would have that thrown out SO QUICK if they found anything. At least in CALIF that wont happen. I think.....

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