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Thread: medical review

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    Question medical review

    help im in trouble, 4 weeks into a cycle of test enanth/prop, equipose and d-bol(600-1000mg/week total) then my employer tells me i have a medical examination within the month. I know there is no specific drug testing but can anyboby tell me if the other side effects of steriod use might give me away?? eg high blood pressure etc. Also can the standard urinalisis test(bit of paper with various colours on it) reveal my use of steroids through abnormal readings?????

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    in a standard drug screen aas are not tested for. it has to be specifically for steroids .

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    Steroid tests are very expensive although I have read that there is a cheaper way of testing for them using a urine sample and it can give a neg/pos result within a few minutes.In the UK you have to be told that your blood/urine will be tested for drugs prior to it being done but it is mostly tested for class A drugs,don,t sweat it the chances are you won,t be tested for it anyway

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