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    Expert advice on mass Cycle please

    I am 6'3" and 210. Im about to start my 2nd cycle and hit it hard. This is what i am planning on taking:

    week 1: anadrol /100mg/day, cyp 1000mg
    week 2: anadrol/50mg/day, cyp 1000mg, deca 1000mg
    week 3: anadrol/50mg/day, cyp 600mg, deca 800mg
    week 4: d-bol/30mg/day, cyp 600mg, deca 800mg
    week 5: d-bol/30mg/day, cyp 600mg, deca 600mg
    week 6: d-bol/30mg/day, cyp 600mg, deca 600mg
    week 7: d-bol/30mg/day, cyp 600mg, deca 600mg
    week 8: deca 600mg
    50mg Clomid EOD throughout entire cycle with 100mg ED in week9 and 50mg in week10.

    I need all expert advice on this cycle. I have all the gear and im waiting for expertise with a very open mind for this cycle. Please let me know what i should or could do differently to enhance, keep, or increase my gains. Thanks to all that can help me out.

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    Mike Guest
    why is deca coming in on wk 2?

    I wouldnt front load so high as your 2nd cycle - think bout running your A50 at 100mg/wk for the first two then dbol as planned through wk 6, deca and cyp at 800/750 respectively for the first 2-3wks if you're looking to front load then bring it down to 600/600 throughout the rest.

    Cut the clomid mid cycle out completely - start clomid at wk 11 and do 300mg/day one then 100mg for ten days then 50 for ten following days

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    Mike Guest
    oh yeah - in place of clomid through cycle I think if I understand what you are trying to do then subbing liquidex would be a better solution

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    thanks for the advice mike. I appreciate any help or constructive criticism. I will definitely consider using liquidex in place of clomid. Thanks. L

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    Here some advices:
    1-1000 mg./w. cyp. from week 2 from week8
    2-week 1 1500-2000mg cyp.(front loading)
    3-deca at 600 mg.from week 2 to week 8

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    Mike Guest
    front loading with 1.5-2 grams of test? Are you fucking kidding?

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    I don't think you need all that deca so soon. You will get plenty of anabolic help from the anadrol and high amounts of test at the beginning of the cycle. Save the deca and add it later in your cycle when you are lifting more weight and have more muscle (like week 4). Also, 1000 mg of deca seems like overkill. 600 mg. should be more than enough.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    you are 6'3" and 210 on a second cycle. What the hell do you need all that gear for?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    week 1-3: anadrol /100mg/day, cyp 600mg, deca 400mg
    week 4-8: d-bol/30mg/day, cyp 600mg, deca 400mg
    week 9-11: Winny 50mg ED
    week 12: Clomid 300mg D1, 150mg ED
    week 13: Clomid 100mg ED
    week 14: Clomid 50mg ED

    Go with this, maybe throw in the arimdex (love that stuff) - maybe up the test and deca up by 200mg inthe first week or two but the rest of that juice is wasted on you - you wont grow one bit more off of a gram of test than 600mg but you willhave a lot more sides. You simply dont need that much yet - when you are maybe 250lbs and on your 5-6 cycle yeah maybe. Have you ever seen what 100mg of abombs will do? Oh remember to use your liver/kidney protectors.

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