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    check your closet

    Ever feel like you hit a wall during a cycle??

    have any of you felt like you hit a plateu during your cycle. like strenght gains not so drastic as before or body weight gains slowing down??

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    bro that fuckin sucks that happen to me my last cycle ,it happens,man does it ever knock your ego down and everything.u cant motivate and u feel that everything in the gym is going wrong.u just wanna give up,but then all of a sudden BANG its on again u just gotta keep a a good mental state wich is the hardest.

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    It seems like im there right now, just keep eating like a pig. Sleep and diet might be the prob, i think thats what mine was

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    Mike Guest
    I'm sorry I have NO idea what it is like to hit a wall during a cycle. I don't stop growing on cycle.

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    Yeah, I topped out

    8 weeks into a 10 week cycle of 500 sust/200 deca /200 eq cycle my strength decreased a bit.Weight stayed the same,although my body composition was changing for the last 2 weeks.I lost fat,leaned up.I was gaining muscle and losing and equal weight amount of fat.I think my receptors just got saturated,since I did 7 weeks of dbol prior to all that.Fuck it,there's always next winters cycle.Always dreamed of a 400 bench,that's behind me now,life is complete!

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    Yeah but Mike you are weird bra... and like someone else said a while back, "You were born with a needle in your azz". haaa just kiddin bra, I have to rag ya now that you are back... I mean afterall, you wouldn't feel loved if we didn't right?

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