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    cutting cycle maybe not

    do you think it would really be worth a 175 lb man(me).doing a cutting cycle
    ive bulked up and put on some good size on a small frame.
    now if i were to shread up will i lose size?
    or will i still gain more size and just loose bf,and get ripped?

    prop wk 1-4 50 mg ed
    winny 50 mg ed 1-4
    fina 75 mg ed 1-4
    maybe eca- clen 2x2

    im not going to do it if i end up 140lbs

    my goal is to get hard as fuckin nails and still put on a few lbs.

    175 lbs
    maybe ill lose the prop because i dont want any bullshit weight

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    come on now, there is nothing wrong with bullshit weight!!

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    My little teeny opinion on this:

    Most people tell me I actually look BIGGER after I've cut. I'll lose scale weight but the mirror doesn't lie!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't lose the prop! And run this for 8 weeks. I'd bump up the doses x2 but I weigh 65 lb more than you do. At least bump up the fina to 100 mg/ED.

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    heres what i do ,i take what i take for cutting but ,keep calories up and protein,i dont take clen or cytomel or anything like that.quality looks bigger than bulk.

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