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    gotenks is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2002

    some advice needed

    ok i have been thinkin about a deca based cycle
    if i do for aorund 6 weeks at 400mg is this relatively safe
    and will i see results off this
    and alos if i stack this with some anavar would that be ok for some gains
    i'm 5 7" ~175lbs lookin to jack up the weight a bit

    or would i be better waitng (saving the penies)

    and going for a test/deca stack

    the other thing that worries me is th balding how bad can this be ?
    just researching right now
    never can research too much can u ?

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    RUSSIANBEAR is offline Member
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    Nov 2001
    Do some search bro. As far as a cycle ide say Deca /Anavar would be very good for a newbie youlll see some good results. EQ/anavar would be even better that way you dont have to be worried about progesterone gyno. As far as hair loss you could find alot of useful info on this board.

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    Mike Guest
    I would wait a bit till you can afford more. Dont cut corners when it comes to anti-e and clomid as well - and I would definitely do test.

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    JuicedHound is offline New Member
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    Jan 2002
    Get some more gear. Youre gonna wanna do deca for longer than 6 weeks.

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