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    Hard gainer+Running+cycle=

    OK, I'm a hard gainer but I like to run. Well, it's acutally jogging. I don't really haul-ass.
    I was told to lean out on bf% before going on a cycle. My waist is a 34.5" and I'm 6'3.25" tall. I'm 27years old. I weighed in at 188 the other day.
    I was going to be jogging like 5 miles a day 5 days a week to lean out. I've got time to lean out, since I messed up my left shoulder and can't lift for a long while.
    My questions are: Can I still jog like a mile a day during a cycle for mass?
    If I start to bloat from test enan/deca , can I jog a lil' more and get rid of it?
    If I gain 20lbs, how much of it will stay after a cutting cycle? I wish to be over 200 lbs and have abs like Jesus Christ. Every time I see a crucifix on large scale or a painting of it, I think "Man, Jesus had great abs."

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    I'm finding it hard to see how BF is an issue for you. At 6'3 and 188lbs, how fat can you be? I'm 6'3", 220 lbs and 8% bf.

    I don't think jogging is going to help the bloat. And I suppose if you want to add the maximum amount of muscle, you should avoid any aerobics but a mile here and there shouldn't hurt.

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