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    Question about cycle...

    I started in the gym about 9 months ago at 178, 6'1 24 yrs old, now i am 225, i started with Winstrol every other day, for 8 weeks, then another cycle, then added some deca300, now i am taking dbol , deca300 and sust, I have had not so much time off, I am gaining like crazy, and am managing to stay pretty lean and not too bloated, I also have a bunch of clomid, Winstrol, masteron , t400, some clen , what weight do you think would be best to start shredding down, idont want to turn in 190 again, but i dont really want to stay on forever and damage myself for good?

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    You started juicing way too early.

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    whats ur bf%? takin any time off between these cycles?? if so how long ???

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