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Thread: deca question

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    deca question

    I got some info from a guy at my gym about deca , he told me that it will help put gains specifically where you work out. For example I dont want to get bigger up top, but i do want to put more mass below, so would working out heavy on legs and light up top help promote more mass in my legs than in my upper body. Thats what I want because i am happy with my size up above. Or should I stick to winstol and lean up?

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    err obviously if you concentrate your workout on your legs more its gonna make your legs grow more than the parts you're neglecting..

    as for deca ...hmm no, every guy at 'some gym' tells people about deca...**** does noone know anything else? its not the wonder drug people make it out to be bro

    do a search on here if you dont believe me =]

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    AAS are system wide. Obviously if you concentrate your work outs to specifically grow a body part then that body part should experience better gains but that has nothing to do with the deca .

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