this will be my first cycle and i want to gain strength and lose some bf% what i have right now is 100 clens 100 5mg anavars and 10 mls of test prop. I was wondering if someone could help me make a three week cycle and i would just take it twice. I figured that i would end up taking 69 clens if i did the day 1-1 pill day 2-2 pills and so on up to 6 days then two weeks on two weeks off, but since i have been researching the anavar i am totaly lost on how to take it i am guessing 25mg's a day, which would end up being 20 days and with the test prop i am not sure what to do to get the best results.
I also plan on taking clomid or novaldex if you have any suggestions on which one just let me know. Thanks for your time