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Thread: Need info on EQ

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    Need info on EQ

    Whats up guys i need some info from the pros! Is EQ similiar to deca ? which one would you prefer? What is best to cycle with the EQ? Was thinking about doing some EQ and test throwing in some winstrol tabs at the end. Is there anything you can cycle Eq with besides test? I know some say NO TEST NO CYCLE but i have flirted with gyno before (but it went away after a million nolva) so i don't want to mess that SH#*T again. I need to know what all anti e's i need !! OH yeah here is some stats. Thanks for the help guys.

    21 yrs old
    3 cycles

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    bro, do a search on this site for EQ(equipose). It will keep you busy for hours. Lots of good info.

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    Gains are similar to deca , slow and gradual. EQ will results in less mass than deca, keeping you a little leaner and vascular. EQ works great with Test Prop for cutting.

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