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    Clenbuterol- Serious calorie deficit beneficial?

    Hey I was just thinking of this,
    since clenbuterol is so protein sparing in times of extreme catabolism would it be possible to eat an extreme calorie deficit(all calories pretty much coming from protien and about 1000 calories below maintenance) and have all of the catabolism focused on fat? For example I would normally cut with 2000 calories as i am 180 pound male, but what if i cut that down to about 1100 calories with about 200 grams of protein per day? Assuming i can mentally handle such a calorie deficit, would that increase my fat loss efforts? Im not planning on doing this long term as I'm aware i would compoletely destroy my metabolism but maybe for like a week, then have a huge carb load up? Whatcha think guys....

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    Bro, clens anti-catabolic properties are *very* overrated.

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    clen works better when you consume some carbs

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