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    zit's on my back

    I'm on my first cycle qv250 in my 5 th week.I'm starting to get ziti on my shoulders and back I shower all the time.Does that mean I should drink more water through out the day is this a common problem.
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    you should wash your back with an over the counter acne wash.

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    lol....ziti is an italian pasta dish isnt it???

    neway, yeah you need to be using benzoyl peroxide twice to three times a day (careful in the'll burn) and make sure you shower as soon as possible after working out. Test will increase you sebum production and trap dirt in your pores. Drinking water will help too.

    I used to have REALLY bad acne when i was a kid and now with the right precautions i'm almost compltely clean while on a pretty hard cycle.

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