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Thread: canadian laws

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    canadian laws

    Anyone got any info on laws in canada pertaining to possession of steroids , using steroids, and distribution of steroids.. ?? Any help would be amazing. Thanx boyz..

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    Search for this stuff and you will find everything you need to know here on AR.

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    there is no jail time associated with steroid possesion, just fines, I think you can have up to a 3 month cycles worth of gear on you without any repercusions..if your picking up gear at the post office then customs comes into play and then there can be jail time added!

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    Possession of a 90 day supply or less of each roid is legal. Importing and trafficking is illegal.

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    These bros got it right for you bro, and also do what 'che' recommends...the search function is a wonderful thing.

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