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    injection question

    i'm injecting prop and tren eod and i'm rotating between quad's and glutes, i noticed a lump at the injection site last time on the left glute but it went away and the next time i injected it it came back but it has gone down again so i was wondering if i should stop injecting there i'm not to much into having a huge lump on my glute

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    That's the downside with ed or eod injections...just keep rotating some hot water over the syringe for about 20 seconds or so. Place a warm towel over the site and massage. Are you putting both prop & tren in the same syringe? If you are then that's good. Another possibility is that you went thru a vein and it bleed somewhat into the surrounding tissue. The lump should disappear in a matter of hours. Inject slowly, if you develop a fever you should perhaps have a doc check it out.
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    Another issue may be scar tissue starting to develop.. Try intruducing shoulders or another place you would feel comfortable injection into. Check out for help.

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