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    whats the word on primobolan depot from pvl labs?

    it comes in a 10 cc vial 150mg/ml . is pvl trusted? i have access to alot of pvl products. if u had any experiences with pvl primo please share with me.

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    I haven't used their primo, but everything else they have is good so I don't see why the primo wouldn't be good as well! I have two friends using their halo, winny. and profina and loving it!

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    i've got access to alot of their products too. I did use the primo and i had no problems with it...although i'm still unsure or there products caz there doesn't seem to be alot of people out there with advice about it.

    I'll tell yah this.... the few feedbacks i've gotten about it is that PV LABS is good stuff and the really the only person to tell me different was my other source. (i wonder why... LOL)

    I did a Sust / Deca / Primo cycle & I didn't make nearly the strength gains i was counting on or growing size HOWEVER I did lose a **** load of Bodyfat without shrinking the measuring although i didn't gain a inch in my arms according to the tape, I guess i did get bigger. Results - yes - just not what i wanted in doing a MASS BUILDING cycle. I honestly have no idea if it means it wasn't good or not. Hopefully some bro's got some better info for you (aaaaand me).

    I didn't have any problems with the Deca and i ran it @ 900 / week (300mg 3 times a week with 750mg of sust -250mg 3 times /week) - i didn't notice that much BUT once i was off it for a bit the ol joint pain came back so i realized what it did then...

    I'm in the process of Deciding on some Test Enth. and EQ from them...

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