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    trip to mexico, q on price and location

    Hey I'm thinking about taking a trip to mexico to save on gear and I was woundering if anyone could give me some advice on where to go and what prices to expect. I'm planing on crossing around Brownsville tx and here is what I want to pick up:

    Test enantate (qv) 250/cc, 10cc vile
    Sustanon 250 250mg/ml - 1ml
    bold (qv)(aka equioise) 200/cc, 10cc vile
    Stanazolic (aka Winstrol ) 100mg/ml - 10ml
    Teston QV 200 (aka cypionate ) 200mg/10ml - 10 ml

    any advice on bringing it across would help too. I've searched this topic and found that you were allowed 50 units if declared but I was thinking a little bigger than 50. I was thinkin about putting it in my car door.
    Any advice? Thanks.

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    Check the ausvet and denkal websites to get adresses for graneros in Brownsville.

    And no, you CAN NOT bring ANY AAS back across the border legally. That 90 day supply rule does not apply to AAS.

    And bro, no flame, but think twice before asking how to smuggle illegal goods into the country.

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    I was checking for the stuff last year while in Mexico. I couldn't find it, then again I figure I wasn't asking in the right places.

    If you're traveling just for that go to Russia better quality. I was there back in January and if you find the right people they will deliver it right to your door. Hell even in the gyms you can buy preloaded needles!
    I'd rather bring it back on the plane in vitamin jars or something

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    bring girls, by some mexican crap and drive back accross with it hidden somewhere and you should be fine, done it quiet a few times in my life but cant anymore because of my size.

    Test enantate (qv) 250/cc, 10cc vile 20-30$
    hgh 475$
    Sustanon 250 250mg/ml - 1ml 8-12$ a vial
    bold (qv)(aka equioise) 200/cc, 10cc vile 30-40$
    Stanazolic (aka Winstrol ) 100mg/ml - 10ml only make in 20ml vial 100$
    Teston QV 200 (aka cypionate ) 200mg/10ml - 10 ml 20-25$

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    kbrkbr, Thanks for the sites. I'll check them out. And solid advice on the don't ask about smuggling. Sometimes I forget about peoples tolerance for stuff like that.

    mayhem617: Russia is a little far away but thanks for the post.

    TRE, thanks for the price list. Now I know how much to plan to get to break even on this adventure.

    Thanks again for all the advice yal.

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    dont drive, take shuttle bus both ways buy a bag of ordinary tourist stuff to carry and claim.
    qv test enenthate 250 = $22 10/ml vial
    qv tren = $90 10/ml vial
    nolva = $28 10mg, 100tab bottle

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    Margaritas 3$
    tequila shot 4$
    one night stand 25$

    enjoy the trip.

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