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    quick dbol question

    i was going to be doing a dbol and test cycle in september... and im not interested in adding a 3rd compound so im wondering if i can run the dbol 30mgs for 6 weeks instead of 4 and im also curious if its even worth doing so... the test will be run at 500mgs a week 1-12
    this will be my 3rd cylce...

    previous being deca only (yes i know)
    just finishing pct on this test only cycle
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    So this is to be your 3rd cycle? Whats your stats?

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    6 weeks is a long time i would sugest 4 weeks but at 40mg. I myself did that and seen great results in that time and not just weight gain but very high strength to help get me started before the test kicked in

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    stats as follows
    age 20 ( yes i know)
    height 5'9
    weight currently 215
    bf% 8-10 was 6-8 test gave a small layer on the tummy

    appreciate the help guys

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