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    unusual cycle - advice please

    hey bro's, i need some advice on this

    i was thinking of loading a needle with 100 mg of all 4 tests and shooting it once a week (and then tightening it up to every 3-4 days)

    what kind of anti-estrogens should i do? is this a good idea?

    thanks in advance

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    all 4 tests?

    There are more esters than that bro. What are they? Will this be, in essence, your own sustanon /omnadren ?

    On to other matters, I think pyramiding is a waste of gear. If you were to do anything I'd frontload. At the least have Nolva on hand and if you want Armidrex to combat any bloating, but it probably won't happen too much with the multi-ester dosing and @ 400-600mg a week as you're thinking. I probably wouldn't take any anti e's unless they become necessary, unless it's the Adex, which I'd probably only use for bloating because it's summer and I'm a vain prick.

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    The short esters need to be shot ed, and the long esters about e4d or so. So you test levels will not be steady if you mix 4 esters together.

    I would only mix either the long esters or the short esters and go with that combo. Currently I am on a custum injectable of 2 long esters and like it very much. You can also front or back load with prop.

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