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    T-3 question for mallet

    im new to board by the way. i was recommended to speak to you.

    26yrs old, 5'7" 200lbs ~20%BF

    im currently on 75 mcg of t-3(for only 5 days). i want to follow your cycling program. ive read a bunch of the posts you made. im going to buy a thermometer and the supplements you metioned.
    i do have a few questions...

    like i said im on 75mcg now. ive been on it for 5 days. how long should i wait to start your cycle? im guessing that my temp. will slowly go down for the next few days???

    once i get my resting temperature how do i know my max dose?

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    Its by your weight bro re-read his posts on t3 its all in there. I would end your t3 at day 7 and get all you pct lined up and you body temp noted

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    Mr steele has summed it up for ya!...I would come off the t3 for a week and monitor your Resting Temp each day and mark down your temp somewhere, then PM me with the results, from there we'll be able to dose you accordingly.

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    i watched 30 minutes of TV without moving and my temperature was 97.2 afterwards.

    theres alot of different t3 theories around and so far i think yours looks the best. i cant wait to try it.

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