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    Question How much Proscar with high test cycles??

    I want to run proscar with my next cycle but how much of it is needed when using 500mg of eq/ 665mg of test p a week??? a whole tab a day is my gues anyway!

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    I would take a half pill at 2.5mg max. You do not see much of a difference in dht inhibition between 1-2.5 and 5. Its around 70%. So no matter how much test you have converting to dht it's going to stop about 70%. If you really want to stop more then look at avodart which is more in the 92-94% range. I don't think the net effect on cosmetically acceptable hair is worth going to avodart which is more expensive, has slightly higher chances of side effects and does not have the proven track record of proscar. I took proscar Aug 1998 to Dec 2002 then Dec 2002 to current use avodart. Very little difference for me in the end result. Both are more to stop loss then regrow hair.

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