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    Question When should i start???

    Ok guys I need some advice, I hope someone can help. I am 26 years old, 6 ft. tall and weigh 175. I have been working out on and off for about 3yrs. I have used test. 200 about 3 times. I liked ther results but I lost my source. I am working out again on a reg. basis and found another source and want to start on a cycle again. Should I wait and gain more weight and have a better base before my next cycle. How does it differ if someone waits and gets a good base or they just cycle right away? Does the gear work better ? This might be a stupid question, I am just inexperianced.

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    You should try to get in as good a shape as you can IMO. Get some muscle memory going and train consistently for a while before you consider juice. You can do an awful lot naturally with the right training, diet and supplementation. Stick around here for awhile and learn as much as you can before you turn to juice. It will only help you in the long run bro.

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