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Thread: Vitamin B-6

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    Vitamin B-6

    I was just wanting some clarity on some info that was given to me on this forum. I asked the question concerning slight puffiness under my nipple, and a member said if I use Vitamin B-6 in time it will take care of the puffiness, Is that true? Thank you

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    It's potentially true. What AAS are you/were you using, and what anti e's?

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    Depends on the gear ur using, if its deca that causes an increase in progesteron, then yes it can be useful. I had a near gyno problem durin this past cycle (sust), i was running B6 about 200 mg ed, but to stop symptoms i used about 60mg Novla and 600 mg B6 everyday until it went away. Then dropped it back down to 10 Nolva and 200 B6 ed.

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