ok i'm trying to cut up, i wanna loose about 5-7% bf but maintain my weight at 200 at 5'10, i know its a long shot, but this cycle seems pretty good to me, and the proper diet and determination will prolly do it

this is my plan

week 1-4 t3 tapper 5/40/55, max at 100mcg
week 1-10 EQ 600mg/wk
week 1-10 T200--200mg/wk
week 3 50mged winny
week 4-9 100mged winny
week 10 50mged winny

reason for keepin test low is cuz i dont wnt test to play a major role in thsi cycle, tis there cuz "there shudnt be a cycle witout test"
the reason i havnt put winny(**'s goodies which ive used and liked before) in sooner, is cuz i want to put t3 somewhere in there, and i want the anti-es effects of winny, so the bloat and gyno stays away, which wud likely occur at the mid-end of cycle
t3 is gonna be for 28 days becuase it wil take winny 2 weeks to start kicking in, so i want some real cutting there besides EQ which will take even longer, t3 will stop when winny starts kicking in

wat do u guys think?
ne modifications, or do i have this down packed?