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    cycle in a few weeks.....revised once again. I AM USING TEST NOW!

    ok ive asked about deca /dbol cycle and deca only but ive heard negative responses, enough to convince me that i should use atleast SOME test with the deca. so this is what i can come up with.

    becasue i STILL want to keep deca as my BASE drug, ive decided to use test only enough to replace a normal/high level of natural test.

    1-12> deca 500mg pw
    1-12> test e 250mg pw
    1-12> proviron 25mg pd
    1-6> dbol 20mg pd

    i have done a total of 3 cycles....deca/sust + test/dbol + fina/test
    the maximum ive dont before was with the fina and test cycle.....fina 80mg pd, test 583mg pw, and proviron 25mg pd for about 3 months. i am 195 pounds 5'8 hight, been off for a few weeks now, 12%fat. i wish to go down to 10% fat maximum and around 205-215 pounds after this cycle. can 1/2 the dose of an eca stack throughout this cycle help with excess bloat and such? plz comment on the cycle.

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    I would run it differntly but atleast you have test now. Up the test too 500mg and back down the deca to 400mg. Run the test one week past the deca. Up the dbols to 30mg for weeks 1-4.

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    Tre said it all,i would just bump the Prov@ 50 mgs ED throughout cycle.

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