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    liquid nolva/clomid quality

    Knowledged liquid nolva and clomid bros help me out with some final reassurance that my TLR clomid and nolva is properly dosed and I'm gettin the proper anti-e and pct that I need for my cycle I'm gonna start Mon.

    It smells like rubbing alcohol and I've heard it tastes even worse. So we know what they suspended the powder in, but for all of you who have used them, are properly dosing this stuff as listed on the bottle.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I've used other sources liquid products and have had nothing but good results. If your really worried about it you can always send it out to a lab and have it tested to make sure it is clomid and nolvadex , but also the concentration of each.

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    TLR is good bro. But get some gel caps. I do not know what they cut their stuff with but my clomid smells (and I can only guess tastes) like nail polish remover.

    Nothing can kill the taste of it

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