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    Question norandren 300?? is this stuff fake??

    whats up guys,
    i posted this the other day and people were asking for pictures so I attached a couple.

    i just recieved my deca from my source and I'm worried if its legit. its made by brovel labs. it has the words "Brovel Laboratorios" raised on the metal top. this makes me think it might be legit. also, the front of the label reads "Norandren 300". this is the part that worries me because i can't find anything about brovel making a 300mg / 10ml product.
    if anyone has used this stuff or can comment on its legitimacy, please reply back as soon as you can.
    thanks alot
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    Wouldn't surprise me if Brovel "meets the competition" by producing a 300mg/ml deca formula to keep up with TTokkyo. Yet, I don't even buy their claim to their 200mg/ml, yet fully. Sorry if negative this morning...

    IMO, stick with Norma Hellas, Organon for the luck few, TTokkyo 300, Decandrolen, or Brovel 200

    Brovel 300mg/ml is a longshot, at best..nothing more than PR and an unproven label, IMO.

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    Man i never came across anything like that before. PM some mods and vets maybe they can help.

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