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    Do I need HCG in this 20 week cycle ?

    Midway thru first cycle of TEST only 500/wk. For next cycle
    Im planning a 20 weeker (actually 23 since Var goes thru to PCT) as follows:

    1-18 Deca 75mg/wk
    1-20 Cyp 500
    1-20 EQ 500
    16-23 Var 40mg
    1-23 Nolva 10mg ED
    1-23 L-dex .25mg ED
    1-23 B6 200mg ED

    Im concerned about the shuts on a relatively long cycle.

    If anyone has advice or has done a similar cycle -Id like to know if/how you used HCG at what weeks/dosages and how effective it was.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    With this cycle,and knowing your age.I'd def run HCG all the way through the cycle @ 500 ius every 4 days.Stop one week before clomid therapy,for it will hamper HPTA functions.I'd also consider running tribulus throughout the cycle @ 4 grams Ed and 6g at PCT.


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    id say yes to using hcg considering what you're running...theres a post saying how to run hcg properly on here i a search

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