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    Steroid / training query

    Hey guys,

    i was wondering whats a good routine to use when on a cycle, i currently follow HST principles and have done max ot.

    I understand that when on gear you recover quicker and are stronger, so 3 days a week hst might not be enough?

    Max ot is a 5 day a week cycle, seperating bodyparts, also should i add more sets/reps , could someone maybe give me an example workout they use when on gear.

    I know there is a workout forum but this is related to steroids too


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    on the dip rack.
    ya heres what i do.

    Monday:Mid Chest/triceps
    Benchpress- 6, 5, 4, 3-burnout of 10(really heavy sets)
    Dumbell presses- 10,8,6,4
    Close grip bench-6,5,4,3-burnout of 10(more really heavy sets)
    Weighted Dips-10,8,5,3(keep it heavy)
    Overhead 2 hand dumbell extension- 4 sets of 6(pyramid weight)
    cable pushdowns-4 sets of 6(pyramid weight)

    Miltary press(I alternate dumbell presses and barbell presses EOW)-10,8,5,3
    Lateral raises-4 sets of 6(pyramid weight)
    bent over lat raises-4 sets of 6(pyramid weight)
    ROTOR CUFF EXCERCISE-4 sets of 10(this is very imporant if your bench is starting to get heavy and you dont wanna throw a rotor cuff injury on yourself that could take you out of the game for a while)

    Barbell row-4 sets of 6(pyramid weight)
    T bar row-4 sets of 6(pyramid weight)
    Dumbell row-10,8,5,3
    straight bar curl-4 sets of 6
    dumbell curls(or concentration curls on the incline bench)-10,8,5,3
    Shrugs-4 sets of 8

    Thursday-Upper Chest/triceps
    Incline Bench-6,5,4,3-burnout of 10
    Wide grip bench-4 sets of 6(pyramid weight)
    Incline dumbell presses-10,8,6,4
    Incline flies-4 sets of 10
    Skull crushers-4 sets of 10
    cable pushdowns-4 sets of 6(pyramid weight

    Leg presses-10,8,6,4
    lunges across the parking lot-i do like 4 sets of this till it hurts so bad to walk
    1 legged extensions-4 sets of 10
    Hamstring curls-4 sets of 10
    calf raises-4 sets till failure

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