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    injection question

    hey guys,

    i was reading spot injections, and i just wondered, do any of you inject into the chest (pec) or lats?

    Just they're mentioned as a spot but i never hear people talk about them much,

    and also as for delts, do you all inject into the part nearest the triceps, as ive never done delts/traps and im just wondering where abouts,

    and with traps, if u shrug..u can feel ur traps obviously, this was just to get what i mean across, you can just inject there, as in straight down?

    sorry for such stupid/odd questions

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    Gosh i was wondering the same about the "odd" spot injections, Delts are simple just in the thick part of your delt, just like you see on spot injections...

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    I know someone who does lats and someone who does chest.. actually alot of bros do chest. Depending on the compound. Something high in BA shouldnt really go in the chets area in my opinion.

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