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    May 2004

    Update: 4th Week In

    so i'm starting my 4th weeek tomorrow morning of my 10 week cycle
    taking 500 mg of test e/week
    and 400 mg of deca /week
    with 30 mg of dbol / daily

    the start of my 3rd week i got jumped by some crazy ****s, my cheekbone got broken and my nosebone got broken, so i wasn't working out for almost 4 days,
    i laid in bed with an icepack on my face for those four days, only drinking 5 cups of weight gainer a day, eating scrambled eggs, fries, rice, fruitcups, whatever wouldn't cause pain in my face. i refused to stop taking my roids, i even got my brother to inject my gear for me cuz i couldn't turn around to look at my glute to inject. so here i am a little bit better.

    my strength has increased like crazy for me
    i am up 9.5 lbs. and still gaining daily.
    i am trying to work out as hard as i can but still my face hurts when i exert too much weight anywhere on my body which sucks.
    i will soon be posting pics of my before pictures and after my week 10 pics also.
    are these gains good considering the ****ty circumstances?

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    Feb 2004
    d*mn bro - sorry for the bad luck

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    your gains are good considering the circumstances

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    way to work through it bro, sorry for the bad luck

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    Va Beach
    Sorry about the bad luck..good job working through it.

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    Very good gains so far. And i give you some serious props for continuing after gettin smashed in like that. Good luck man, hope it works out well for you. After week 10 when ur huge, go back and smash all those ****'s faces in as a bit of payback.

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    lol or else i could just stun gun him and while he is immobilized i could beat him down with a baton lol. get my drift lol. this is my first cycle and i love this stuff. i wish i could stay on dbol forever instead of only 6 weeks lol

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