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    some questions regarding...bloat....deca...proviron. plz read

    ok first of all im hearing about how deca can convert to not only progesterone but also estrogen. and ive been wondering how much proviron could help with deca induced bloat, can u tell me based on experience? say for example, if i was wanting to do deca 400mg pw with 350mg test, will 50mg proviron pd help with bloat in any way. i know that theoretically its suppose to, but im not sure of the dose, and im weary to increase it even more, coz i fear extremem hairloss with proviron. i want to opt out of using any anti e's during this cycle, thinking that too low estrogen levels will hinder my growth-hormone-induced gains, and any other gains i get from it. so i was thinking that the abundance of dht in the system will not only decrease bloat to a tolerable degree, but also it will keep me safe from deca dick, and also i will inevitably have more free forms of the test and deca im using. so am i accurate, atleast based on your experience with proviron?

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    Proviron should help cut out a lot of the bloat from the test and the deca , you may also want to pick up some nolv. As far as your doses, up the test to 500mg if you are gonna run 400mg of deca.

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