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    yohimburn and prep-h: mix them together?

    i read a post in another forum about people using both yohimburn and prep h before doing cardio workout for stubborn fat reduction!
    is this bullsh!t or there is something true in it?
    i know this is a steroid forum but dunno where to post it and get an answer---

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    i have used prep-h before tanning and before cardio, for contest prep weeks. the prep-h will assist in excreting water from certain spots where applied and kind of tighten up your skin. i haven't tried the yohimburn though. but, using the prep-h trick, will only be more noticeable if your BF% is already low.

    it is not a fat burner by any means.


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    You don't need to use Prep H if you're using Yohimburn ES before cardio. There are two diuretic factors in Yohimburn ES and the overall fat burners that were added to the ES formula are more than enough. You will notice more energy with the ES as well. Nice for cardio.

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