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    Which would you pick???

    To run in a cutting cycle with Test and Clen .
    Fina 75mg/d for 5 weeks
    Equipose 500mg/w for 10 weeks
    Winstrol 50mg/d for 6 weeks

    I'm going to be running 750mg of Test E for 10 weeks with clen 2 weeks on/off for 10 weeks and post cycle... Which would be my best choice here since I've only before this ran Test/Deca /dbol for most cycles?

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    i would run and i will run EQ with test and clen , EQ has less sides, and i would run it 12-15 weeks, winstrol is an 17 aa, i dont want any more strain on my liver, fina has a lot of sides, but from what i have read and seen, the sides might be worth it, but to be safe i would go with EQ

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    first if you choose EQ then run the test 2 weeks past the EQ.. makes recovery easier.

    I would use your EQ.. on;y because the tren you listed isn't long enough and I hate winny.

    If I was you I would run
    1-12 test
    1-10 EQ
    1-8(ir 10) Tren.

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    With those compounds in mind, what are your goals?

    Here is my opinion:

    -tren is best at weeks 8+. My last tren experience was 12 weeks, and it was very good.
    -EQ compliments your test nicely. My last cycle i used EQ for 15 weeks at 600mgs/wk and was extremly please with the gains. I did not notice the vascularity with it, but then again my diet wasn't "TOP NOTCH."
    -Winstrol would be a good "icing" for that cycle, but can you handle the possible joint pain.

    I like either EQ or Win, but it depends on your goals.

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