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    want to extend cycle,,,help

    well I planned a ten weeker of test cyp and eq. Week ten is here and the last shot of test went in two days ago and there is one shot of eq left in the bottle.
    Problem is I'm now getting great gains and feel that just a few more weeks would make all the difference. (this is probably a common feeling) I can get anything I want tomorrow here are some of my ideas.....

    1. just get 20ml of prop and shoot it 6 days a week for the next 3 weeks while the cyp and eq levels drop then start pct after 3days of my last prop shot.

    2. get more cyp and eq and extend the cycle that way. That would be expensive and I would also need more nolvadex this way. Plus would still have to wait three weeks to pct - maybe resulting in too long a cycle for me.

    3. try dbol . Cant see why I should do that if my test levels are at anabolic levels?

    4. Your ideas?

    I am 26 started cycle at 174 pounds and after 9weeks I am 182 with zero bloat or water retention. The 8 pounds looks fairly dramatic especially with the decreased body fat the actual lean gain is probably 10-12 pounds.

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    totally up to you....i'd extend it with the drugs you've been using but then again, it also depends on how fat your wallet is and how quick you can get your stuff

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    IMO try this if you can
    1-15 test
    1-13 EQ
    10 mgs nolva through 20 mg pct
    15-17 clomid 300/100/50

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    you can extend it with prop. After your last shot of cyp, start shooting the prop when your next cyp shot would have been (im assuming 3-4 days). Run the prop for atleast 3 weeks until cyp and Eq is out of your system and then i would keeo taking it until the bottle is empty.

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