I posted this on another thread but I thought it deserved its own thread. It is all based on my own research. Hope you enjoy.

If you do enough research you will see that high blood pressure isnt the actual killer, it is stroke, and heart attack which is the result of Arteriosclerosis. HBP is just a symptom of kidney problems, heart problems, water retention, or arteriosclerosis. So a temporary rise in BP while cycling isnt dangerous as long as it returns to normal after the cycle. The problem with AAS's and health is the way it affects cholesterol levels. The lowered HDL lowers the ability of the body to remove LDL which is the bad cholesterol that sticks to the aterial walls and results in heart attack and stroke. The best ways to boost HDL levels is to eat monounsaturated fats like Olive Oil, high does of Niacin, and lots of Beta Carotene.

If you do enough research you will find that blood pressure medications don't do much to prevent heart attack and strokes. (I know someone is gonna think otherwise but I do have plenty of links to back this up) As a matter of fact it may INCREASE risks associated with heart attack, because the elevated blood pressure is the body's reaction to something wrong in the body, so by unnaturally lowering the BP may rob the heart of blood. On the flip side lowering the blood pressure will protect the kidneys, eyes and brain from the damage it can do to them.

There are many books written on how to lower your blood pressure without medication. The main reason men look for alternatives to BP medication by the way is the number one side effect is loss of sexual libido and erectile dysfunction.

One more interesting thing about cholesterol before I go is that LDL the so-called "bad" cholesterol is the transporter of Beta Carotene a vital anti-oxidant. So its not all bad.

I wrote this to say that BP is very important to monitor but our other concern should be our cholesterol levels.

On Cycle:
BP: 160/99
Total Cholesterol: 209
HDL: 35
LDL: 146
Triglycerides: 206

Off cycle
BP: 114/74
Total Cholesterol: 162
HDL: 40
LDL: 104
Triglycerides: 102

P.S. High Blood Pressure is symptomless so it is not the cause of your redness, headaches, etc. etc. (Sorry, but it drives me crazy when someone on here sais, I am having headaches must be my blood pressure. A headache that is the result of high blood pressure is called a stroke. lol.)