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    Hair Loss and Nizoral and Finasteride

    Alright whats up? I am lossing a little bit of hair on my current cycle (Test,Deca , D-bol, Winstrol ). I just started using Nizoral, but the bottle says for danduruff not hair loss. Also i was thinking about taking some finsteride but i herd that it isnt good to take with deca. Is there anything that i can possibly take with this cycle to help prevent my hair loss. Thank you.

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    You can take finasteride with deca .

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    IMO go with just the nizoral shampoo, the other stuff eliminates DHT binding so it hinders gains. Also, test, winny and Deca are all bad for people prone to hairloss.

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    I think Einstein said ok to take with deca , just won't help with hair loss from deca, but if you are taking things like test or dbol in addtion to deca it will help with those. Winny is terrible for the hair, if you are prone to Male Pattern Baldness stay away from winny if you want to keep your hair.

    Nizoral is a dandruff shampoo but in small studies it has shown to increase the diameter of hair follicles as much as 2% minoxidil. I you chooses one thing to add to finasteride choose 5% minoxidil twice a day. Nizoral would be the last to add if you are already using those 2 and would be the least effective.

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    Stop Winny Immediately!!!!

    It's one of the harshest compounds on the hairline. Finasteride will not help winny, it will actually exacerbate the issue.

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