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    bunk qv test and qv deca or what? help!

    whats up bros, im on 2nd cycle im takin qv enanathate at 500 mg a week for 12 weeks and 300 mg qv deca a week for 10 weeks im on my 5th week with ldex at .25 eod and im takin 750 mgs of enanthate for weeks 5, 6, 7, and i cannot ****ing stop gettin sick bros i got test flu in week 3 and i was hurtin for 4 days i dropped ****ing 10 pounds then gained it back now week 5 got sick again fever and chills felt weak and no appetite lost 8 pounds in 2 days i just got back to the gym since 4 days of no lifting because i feel so weak that i cant even go to lift, but bros is this bad enanthate? i mean i heard alot of **** of bad enanthate batches from qv so i duno if this is the problem i checked the site both vials are on their site with mgs and everythin matches up plus i know what legit qv gear looks and this matches up on everything unless its an awesome fake or just a screwup from the company my first cycle i did organon sus 500 mgs a week and 300 mgs of qv deca a week both 10 weeks and i exploded like whoa gained like 35 pounds built like an animal kept about 29 pounds of it got test flu once but i was fine other then that i mean on this cycle i know its the second cycle so it nothing like a first cycle but i dont really feel it like kicked in as of yet anyways and test e kicks in usually around week 4 so i duno im on week 5 nothin yet i take a prescribed multi vitamin, 1500 mgs of vit c, and 200 mgs of vit b6 every day, so is this gear f-in bunk or what???i mean i gained a lil weight but nothing major and strength again nothin major is the gear dirtier since its vet and the sust i took first time around wasnt i mean i duno bros but i get sick all the time sometimes if eel great 2 shots later feel like crap again and lose everything i gain i mean its ridiculous please help any info is appreciated thanks bros.

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    post pics of the gear and im sure someone will be able to tell you if its real or not.. otherwise..theres no way of telling..

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    Does it have a hologram sticker on the boxes and bottles? If so peel it back and it should leave little dots. What batch # is the enanthate ?

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