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    Prop/Winny decreases BF????

    I have read numerous posts about how Prop/Winny will also decrease BF as well as build LBM. Does the Prop/Winnt ACTUALLY cause a decrease in your BF or does that just mainly come from your diet and cardio???? Could it also be that the more muscle you build the more lower your BF is??? Anyone have any views on this?????

    On another note, I'm sure 90% of the BF loss will come from diet and cardio, but what if you have been eating "clean" for about 4 months already??? I was 19% BF in February and I am down to 11-12% now. If Prop/Winny really does help lower your BF would that mean that along with my cardio and clean diet that I have been doing for 4 months already that the Prop/Winny will help to even lower my BF??? Sorry for the weird insight bro's just been reading up and had some questions!! Thanks!!

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    wow youve done a great job so far bro... im seriously imprsssed with your progress. 19% to 12% is a hugeee difference.

    you hit the nail on the head when you said that an increase of lbm will seem to decrease bf... which it will. more muscle means less fat as compared to your muscle mass. winstrol , contrary to popular belief, will not burn fat. you will lose some water weight and seem to lean out, but diet and cardio are really the keys to success with your goals.

    ahve you considered prop/tren ?

    clenbuterol will also drop your bf%...

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    Well muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat so anytime you add more muscle to your body you begin to burn a higher amount of calories than before. More muscle........more calories used......more fat burned.

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