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Thread: Cycle Proposal

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    Cycle Proposal

    Thinking of starting this in July. I'm still cutting with CKD and ECA/Clen . My last cycle ended last June so itís right at a year. I plan on taking at least a 6 month break again after this one. Take a look and give me your thoughts.

    Current Stats:
    12-14% BF

    10mg Nolv W1-17
    .25 ldex W1-17
    800mg Test E. W2-17
    500mg Deca W2-16
    40-50 Dbol W2-6
    500 IU HCG Sat. & Sun W7-17

    PCT W18-22
    Clo at 300mg day one then 100mg for duration.
    Nolv 20 mg for duration
    Ldex .25 for duration

    Only other thing I was thinking is adding dbol or drol W12-16 for a second round?
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    i would not add a second go with an oral...add some prop instead...also dont need hcg for this cycle.....jmo

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