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    G-S Guest

    Arrow How can this be LEGIT?

    Check it out guys. How can these be on the up and up?


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    ptbyjason Guest
    no source posting bro. If you want to ask about a source, you contact a mod.

    In regards to your question. The website in question is created by a well known selective scammer who has been banned off this board on more than one occassion.

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    G-S Guest
    Well, I see what you mean dude, but I was posting that as an example of what is out there...and then questioning the authenticity of it..

    All the while alerting others. But, I understand. It's not my source, by any means.

    Thanks for answering my question though.

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    ptbyjason Guest
    no problem man, we just don't want any link to anyone that sells steroids on here, legit or not.

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