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    jump start question

    bros i was wondering if u jump start a cycle does it increase the amount u may gain or will it jus help u get there faster?
    example: if i did test e and dbol and i gained 20lbs...would i gain the same 20lbs if i jus did test e by itself?

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    Sorry bro, but there is no one correct answer and how much you gain really has more to do with diet then what type of gear your taking. I don't think you'll get very many answers to this thread.

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    I would say you get more gains jumpstarting. You got more strength to work harder in the beginning and that is an advantage. Good diet, rest, hard work=better gains.

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    yah i know this is sorta an impossible question to answer because an experiment like this could never be conducted...maybe this might be a better question to ask all of u guys.

    how do u guys like jumpstarting in a cycle and what/how do u feel compared to jus takin a single long lasting ester?

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    hey musclehead1, i'm sticking with what Lozgod says, and my cycle is test e/dbol for wks 1-4, the dbol will give you extra strength and allow you to train harder, and so if you look at it like that you *could* or should gain more...aslong as you're diet was also in place

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    i did a "half" 10 wks cycle that i had to stop after only 6 wks.
    cycle was:
    1-10 test e 250mg e4d
    1-4 dbol 30mg ed
    i gained 12 pounds in less than 3 weeks (part from water retention and part from diet) and a lot of strenght that helped me to gain more!
    the cycle was stopped after 6 wks, then pct, now, at the end of the story, i can say i keep 6-7 pouns of muscle that for sure are from dbols too!
    so, i can say that jumpstart with prop or dbol or drols, will help u gain more!

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    Dbol will make u put on some lbs, not as much as oils would, bit it does get u stringer and put on a few lbs. The lbs u put on are mostly water. All good

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