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    Those that are experienced, what do you do for PCT? I have had people say 300mg/day clomid for the first day and then 200, then 100, ect. I have also heard 100mg/day for one month straight. I always run the nolva at 20mg/day and arimidex at .25/day but want to make the best out of my clomid during PCT. I always seem to get careless after my cycles but this stil want to get it right.

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    I think the typical clomid dose is 300mgs day one, 100mgs days 2-11, and 50mgs days 12-21

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    Your better off goin to the PCT forum. You will find ur answers there easier

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    Hmm i've heard the same as equiguns, i believe Pheednos PCT says 100mg for day i'd stick with that mate

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