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    I need some advice...maybe you can help
    I'm 40 currently 6'2 265 @ 23% Bf I have been working out on and off since my early teens been at it hard for about 8 months know and looking for some alternatives to the SYntrabol, Methoxylon, Fuzu, MM4 supps I'm taking now.....I'm intersted in cutting and retaining the muscularity I have now with not much concern with added mass..never done steroids but am considering doin T3 for the fat reduction and Primo along with Winstrol or Deca to maintain the lean mass and chisel it up any suggestions would be appreciated thx...

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    I'd say something like eq/primo/winny/clen /eca

    clen 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off,

    when not on clen use eca

    eq at 400mgs/week
    primo 300mgs/week

    nutrient is a big part of this cycle, and you must have it perfect!

    good luck man

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