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    Half life question

    I was just reading about test prop and the half life of other steroids :

    Drug Active half-life
    Deca -durabolin (Nandrolone decanate) 15 days
    Equipoise 14 days
    Finaject (trenbolone acetate) 3 days
    Primobolan (methenolone enanthate ) 10.5 days
    Sustanon or Omnadren 15 to 18 days
    Testosterone Cypionate 12 days
    Testosterone Enanthate 10.5 days
    Testosterone Propionate 4.5 days
    Testosterone Suspension 1 day
    * Winstrol (stanozolol ) 1 day

    so for test e you could get away with 1 injection a week if you frontloaded with 500mg? and sureley the same with cyp?

    With say test p 4.5 day half life how do you know how often to inject?

    i was thinking that say

    Monday: 100mg test prop
    by friday it's half life would be up and only half the amt would be active?
    so by injection eod youd be able to keep the levels better balanced

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    What's posted there are active lives and not half-lives, and they aren't very accurate for the doses we use.

    Here are active lives that are more accurate, based on typical doses:

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