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    Some original DNP thoughts and questions...

    I was thinking about addind DNP to my contest prep this year (June contest, question is for upcoming year though). I was considering doing it at the beggining of my cut, before a prop/fina/winny cycle. I have read every post on this board and a lot of other boards about 3 or 4 times, so I know all about saftey on a cycle and basically have a really good idea what Im doing.

    My question is, wouldn't it be more sensible to do it before my cut? That way I don't take a chance screwing up the contest with being bloated, I can workout hard to keep all my new muscle Im going to add this year, and Prep would be easier starting off at lower BF levels. Also A driving factor is the time of year, My cut cycle starts at the end of February, So I could do A DNP cycle in Early February. Any ideas here are appreciated.

    Also I would like to know what you thought the most effective format for a cycle would be? I was thinking a low dose (200mg/D) for 2-3 week. Some seem to like the short high to moderate dose cycles better (for me that would basically be the fonz macro cycle, since I have no previous experience).

    From what I've read they both have their dissadvantages, just wondering witch you prefer if you have ever done DNP.

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    if i was going to do DNP id do it before cut, and when i'm not using anything else, just for the fact that DNP seems so dangerous i wouldn't wish to complicate matters.

    ' American reports indicated that cataracts had resulted from doses as small as 100 mg. per day for a total of 40 grams.'

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